It is difficult for boys to keep telling you that how much they love you, but their actions can tell you exactly how he feels for you. You won’t need him telling you ‘i love you’  hundred times a day, but you will still be sure that he feels the same for you.


Here are some things with which you can understand if you are in a healthy relationship with him or not:


1.) Being able to communicate well
Communication makes the base of your relationship strong. The more you communicate, the better you understand each other. So if you can communicate with each other without thinking who started the conversation or should you text him first, you know that you are in a healthy relationship.


2.) Giving each other space
Every now and then, you and your partner needs personal space too. No matter how much you love each other, you must spend some time alone or with your friends. This private time will let you follow your personal dreams and keep your relationship bond strong as you grow together. If he gives you space without being jealous, he actually loves you.


3.) Trusting each other
If either of you do not trust the other, there is no point of being committed to each other because the relationship will not reach anywhere. You are in a healthy relationship if both of you trust each other and do not let your doubts spoil everything between the two of you.


4.) Arguing, but productively
Who says couples don’t fight? Even the couples who have been together for years and have good understanding, fight, but that doesn’t mean they stopped loving or respecting each other. They know that the fights don’t mean the end of relationships. Fighting and still wanting to be together will make your relationship strong.


5.) Treating each other well
Respecting each other is important, because if you do not do that, your relationship will not last long. If your partner treats you with respect, love, kindness, empathy, support etc, you know that you will grow in this relationship, but that needs the same dedication from your side too.


6.) Comfortability level is high between you two
If you are in love with someone, you will be comfortable with them. Being able to wear anything and act as weirdly as you want without being judged is something that everyone in a healthy relationship experiences. If you are comfortable with each other’s differences, individuality and interests, you are in a healthy relationship.


7.) You are not bored while you are with each other
You may need some space, but if you are with them, you are not bored. You enjoy being in each other’s company and love doing things together that will help you strengthen your bond.


8.) You are confident and follow your desires
Even when you are together, everyone has some dreams that they want to fulfill. In a healthy relationship, you not only know the importance of each other’s dreams, but also support each other in achieving the goals.


9.) Respecting each other’s family
Respecting each other is one thing, but it is also necessary to respect each other’s family. Everyone loves their family, and showing any disrespect towards them can end your relationship.


10.) Showing each other that you love them
Your actions speak louder than your words. So of you love them, show them that you love and care for them. You won’t have to speak it a hundred times to prove your love because a single gesture can do magic.