Almost everything that is happening in our lives is related to the position of planets – astrology. If you are in search of love this year, find out if you will be lucky to find someone or not through the love horoscope. Other than this, you can also get some tips so that you can take your current relationship to the next level.



March 21 to April 19
If you are still single, then spring may be the time when you might meet someone you can fall in love with. As an aries, you might not be ready for something serious as of now, and may want to meet as many people as you can for dating. You might surprise yourself with your intense feelings in the last quarter of the year.
If you are already in a relationship or married, you might face some problems which will require efforts from both the ends, if you want things to work. Also you should learn to take responsibility for your actions.



April 20 to May 21
If you are in search of a perfect partner for yourself, spend some time alone, introspect and find out things that may be keeping you away from true love. This year may prove to be very lucky for you if you are looking for someone perfect and permanent.
If you are already committed or married to someone and there are problems in your relationship, take steps to make it work. This could be difficult for both of you in the start, but at the end you will realize that you two are meant to be together and just a phase of difficulties can’t break you.



May 22 to June 20
In case you haven’t still found the Mr./Ms. Right for yourself, you might find them in this year. You will be able to meet people with whom you will be able to develop strong and meaningful bonds. This year will bring a lot of changes in your life that will benefit you one way or the other.
If you already have a partner, the relationship will grow stronger and your partner will agree with you in most of the issues.



June 21 to July 22
As a Gemini, you may have to give yourself some time and find out what things and which people are important to you. This year might be lucky for you as you may get someone with whom you may want to spend the rest of your life.
If you are already committed to someone, make sure that you trust them, instead of expecting a lot of things from them. You will be able to develop good trust and understanding level if you follow this mantra.



July 23 to August 22
This year will be exciting for you because you will get chance to meet many new people and you will let them have a place in your life. You might not even realize when you fall in love because it will be too fast for you to handle.
You will have to open up to your partner if you are already in a relationship. Give them a chance to know you better and build trusts. As a partner you should understand that everything cannot go according to your plans. You need to let go of control in all the fields and just go along the flow.



August 23 to September 22
As a very practical person, you do almost all the things according to your brain, but this year let your heart do the magic if you are looking for someone special. Though you may need to have patience with everything that is going on. Do not rush into things related to love.
If you are already in a relationship, spend time together. Make sure that you make time for your partner and make plans together for strengthening your bond.



September 22 to October 22
This year is full of surprises for Libra. You might meet someone very unexpected and you may even develop a good bond with them. If you think that you have found your right partner, make sure that you tell them about it. Do not waste your time while waiting for the right time, because you may lose everything if you wait for too long.
If you have a partner, you should learn to talk, listen and discuss issues with your partner. You might face some issues this year in your relationship, but if you talk about it and give it some time, everything will be back to track.



October 23 to November 22
You are a rigid sign, which means that if you meet someone, you will be sure if you want them as a life partner or just a friend. Even though you are a sign which doesn’t trust people easily, this year may be different for you. You might meet someone whom you can trust and fall in love and go through phases that you have never gone through.
You might face some issues with your partner if you are already in a relationship, but you will have to give it time and efforts to make things work. Once you decide to discuss things with your partner related to your desires and future, everything may become normal.



November 23 to December 21
You will not be looking for anything serious in relationships this year. You will decide to stay away from relationships where you might have a lot of responsibilities. Keeping things light will be your mission this year.
In case you are in love with someone or married, you will have to learn to understand your duties and responsibilities as a partner. If you are ready to do so, you will reach a level in your relationship that you never thought existed.



December 22 to January 20
You might meet a lot of new people this year and even have mix feelings for many of them. It is important that you make time for yourself and understand what you want to do. Instead of listening to others, take decisions on your own. Make sure that your feelings are not related to physical attractions, but you actually have some real feelings for them.
In a relationship, make sure that you take out time for your partner and talk to them. You need to understand that sharing your true feelings will not make you vulnerable, but make your bond stronger than ever.



January 21 to February 18
You will not try to look for someone to get serious with. You will focus more on new interesting things, instead of taking a decision to settle down.
If you are in a relationship, make sure that you communicate well with your partner. You may need freedom this year but you need to make sure that you do not misuse that freedom, otherwise you may end up single. Talk to your partner and let them know that you love them. Take steps and do things to prove your feelings.



February 19 to March 20
If you are single, you might not be ready for a serious relationship this year. You will need more time for yourself.
You will realize that having alone time is also important, so you and your partner will give each other some space. You need to understand that being comfortable and able to communicate easily with your partner is important for a strong relationship. Instead of taking decisions alone, talk to your partner and ask for their suggestions too.


These tips and predictions will let you decide what you want in your relationship and if you are serious for your partner, this horoscope will help you avoid any bad incidents in your love life.